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Craig Zoschke
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Wanted, people with Passion....with a mission....with Heart.

Hello. My name is Craig Zoschke and the purpose of this posting is to get you to apply. You see, at the moment, I have no idea what your name is, but I do know the sort of person you are, and I know the sort of aspirations you have in life. I also know the level of skill you have, and I know you want to get better and better at your line of work. I know that you want more than a job. I know that some of you want a career. I know you want more training and I know you want the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills. I know that when we talk, you'll be able to communicate with me effectively and when we are talking we'll be able to discuss important things like what you can expect from us, as well as things like your wages and your career opportunities. I know you have a driving ambition to be the best!

The whole nature of our business is about people with a passion, people with heart, centered around people who love the Billiard business. And yes, it partially is the entertainment business to some extent, but we really are a hybrid of the Billiard and Food & Beverage Industry. At Shooters, we mix the billiard industry with the entertainment industry and come up with a place where people can play pool comfortably, socialize, meet new exciting and decent people, have a great meal, and add to their social network.

Our job is to make sure they have an incredibly fun experience. Notice, I did not say just a fun experience, but an INCREDIBLY FUN experience. Our job is to manage the whole customer experience from the time they drive into our parking lot until the time they drive out. During this time we are in charge of multiple customer experiences that we must manage properly so that our guests leave as raving fans of Shooters Billiard Club. Our mission is to make their experience so EXTRAORDINARY that our guests just have to tell all their friends and coworkers about Shooters. Kind of like baseball fans or football fans. They just can't stop talking about it.

We require a person to have a high energy level, as we only have high profile positions. You will be very visible at most times. The majority of the goals can be accomplished by a person with a passion for the business and a desire to learn what they need. In most cases, we have a "system" or "template" for doing all of this. You will just need to learn each system and that it is done properly. The whole nature of our business is about people with Passion and Heart.

The Managers (General Manager, Day Manager, Night Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Asst. Day Manager and Asst. Night Manager) are charged with making this happen, through the employees and themselves. We have a full menu kitchen that is open until 2:30am everyday and we have a full liquor bar and serve wine, beer and malt beverages until 2am. We serve these through out the Billiard Center so the manager needs to make sure everyone is aware of potential for problems and be alert. The billiards area is open until 3am everyday of the year. All the managers are required to participate in the planning of events and meet their respective goals.

If this sounds like a place that is just right for you, I encourage you to apply.

Along with your application please answer the following three questions:

  • What was it about the story I told you that touched you, which made you say "Yes - I want to be a part of the Shooters team"?
  • What contribution can you make, if you join our team, to the realization of our vision and our mission?
  • What is it, the one thing that you've done in the past, that will make me believe you can make that contribution?

You can click on the Contact tab for our employment application, fill it in along with your response and drop it off in person at Shooters. If possible we will give you a quick interview. If not we will call you for an appointment.

Thank you in advance.